Eco-Technology and Urban Agriculture

Eco-Tecnología y Agricultura Urbana

Interested in a class that integrates science, art, sustainability, and gardening?

Let us know if you want to sign up for this FREE UCSD Extension course, taught by the San Diego Community Garden Network, and held in the Mosaic Community Garden of Chula Vista! All you have to do is commit to coming to the garden on April 26, May 17, June 7, June 27, and July 19. Class credit will only be given to ages 14 and over.

Email us at TheNetwork@sdcgn.org to reserve your spot in the class!


Members of Pioneer Ocean View United Church of Christ have a dream of creating a community garden in the Clairemont /Bay Park area of San Diego. Their dream is to create a space where people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, income levels and gardening experience to come together as a community of gardeners and raise healthy, sustainable food. A small prototype community garden was recently built at the church. During the prototype garden build, church members built 3 raised bed planters, built 1 elevated raised bed planters, built 2 trellises, painted 5 signs plus 35 plant markers and planted over 150 plants and seeds! Building the prototype garden was an exciting day for the church but what the group really wants to do is create a much bigger garden for the community. They have the desire, the manpower, but do not have the land. If you know of any land in the Clairemont/Bay Park area that might be available for a community garden, please contact the San Diego Community Garden network or Julie Lin (858) 752-0956.


Join SDCGN at the Kale Festival this Saturday, February 22nd!

The Kale Festival is a day to celebrate and learn about local and sustainable food through workshops and demonstrations. We come together to envision a better and more just food system. 

Sign up for the recipe contest and to volunteer on the San Diego Peace Garden’s website.


The Lemon Grove Historical Society presents “A Day at the Historic 1892 Troxell Manor and Gardens” on April 26th, a day of gardening, health, and art education.



Join us for our fundraiser this Tuesday, enjoy a bite, and help make the Mosaic Garden an amazing place full of wonder and opportunity.


Canyon Lakers help with community garden

By Sharon RiceEditor, The Friday Flyer


With spring approaching, organizers are hoping for additional volunteers and donations to get a drip system installed in February and the garden planted in March.

Residents and business owners who want to be involved can learn more at facebook.com/pages/Lake-Elsinore-Community-Garden, or contact Sylvia at sylviamonaco@gmail.com or 909-728-5755.

Contributions can be made on PayPal at SDCGN.org.  Please specify donation is for the Lake Elsinore Garden when donating.


Join us for our fundraiser, enjoy a bite and help make the Mosaic Garden an amazing place full of wonder and opportunity.