Who else is excited for the Growing Communities Conference next weekend? Here is the schedule for the Conference!

We have added a film screening on Friday night, open to the public. Don’t forget to register for our evening panel/dinner on Saturdayevening via sdcgn.org!

We still have a few spots at the Conference, so feel free to register from sdcgn.org.



For all those who may not have been able to attend our most recent “Water Conservation & Technology Workshop” on September 6th, or if you’d like to learn more about rain barrels, ollas and digital technology in the garden, please check out the attached Resource Guide.



Come join us Saturday Sept. 6th from 3:30-5:30 in the Mosaic Community Garden of Chula Vista for a free workshop on water conservation and technology, and you will get to take home your olla for your garden. Register by emailing TheNetwork@sdcgn.org!


Join us at the Growing Communities Conference

Making a successful community garden requires building physical infrastructure (such as raised beds, water systems, & compost bins), but it also requires building the human infrastructure — the community that will keep the garden growing for years to come. Representatives from the American Community Garden Association will be coming to San Diego to facilitate a great 2-day Conference that will focus on how to build the “community” within our community gardens. You can apply to be an attendee or volunteer for the Conference by clicking here.

We are also accepting sponsorship for conference attendees, monetary donations, and food donations to make this a successful event for all of SD County.

See below for details about the Conference, or by clicking here to see the pdf.


Listen in with us to this Urban Agriculture Webinar this Friday!

Urban Agriculture: Economics, Successes and Challenges: Research, Outreach and Education Implications for the Northeast

This webinar will help: 

- Provide an overview of the general issues of the economics of urban agriculture and ‘suburbanizing’ the city, and look at urban farming in practice in Baltimore – discussing some key challenges that urban farmers face and opportunities/resources to overcome those challenges; 

- identify current efforts in research, teaching and extension that promote practical and profitable responses to urban agriculture challenges; and 

- identify ‘ways forward’ to improve climate change research, teaching and extension collaborations across the region in an effort to help build stronger networks among land grant and related institutions in the Northeast. 

Intended Audience 

This webinar is designed for research, teaching and extension professionals and practitioners engaged in work related to the Northeast regional food system. 

For questions or more information, please contact Dr. Dee Singh-Knights, Assistant Professor, West Virginia University at 304-293-7606 or dosingh-knights@mail.wvu.edu.


Thanks to the Voice of San Diego’s 2013 Politifest, we have been able to help get the Mosaic Community Garden of Chula Vista started and teach a Eco-Technology and Urban Agriculture class in the garden!

"The garden is itself a living demonstration of practical means of diversifying our food supply, one that is open to the public to visit and learn from,” course facilitator Rosero Lecusay said. “Through the integration of our course with daily garden activities, garden memubers have gained experience in becoming digitally empowered spokespeople for the value of their garden.”



Join us at the grand opening of a new community garden in Carlsbad! The Calavera Schoolhouse Community Garden will be hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house event on Saturday, June 28, 2014 from 1-4pm. 2997 Glasgow Drive, Carlsbad, CA.


Eco-Technology and Urban Agriculture

Eco-Tecnología y Agricultura Urbana

Interested in a class that integrates science, art, sustainability, and gardening?

Let us know if you want to sign up for this FREE UCSD Extension course, taught by the San Diego Community Garden Network, and held in the Mosaic Community Garden of Chula Vista! All you have to do is commit to coming to the garden on April 26, May 17, June 7, June 27, and July 19. Class credit will only be given to ages 14 and over.

Email us at TheNetwork@sdcgn.org to reserve your spot in the class!